A high output conversion rate of 22%High efficiency solar cell 400W

Product size: 1724mm × 1134mm × 35mm Product weight: 20.9kg ± 3% Power: 390~455W (power corresponding to model) Conversion rate: 21% Peak working voltage/current: 30V/12A

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1. A significant 22% production conversion rate. 2. The pieces are made appealing, strong, and resistant to wind and snow thanks to the special technique, and their sealed and tight service life is 5-7 years. 3. The weak light effect: For a given single crystal, the conversion efficiency increases with the strength of the weak light feature. 4. Board conversion: To date, we have produced around 20W worth of components.(1) Tempered glass: Its function is to protect the battery or other key component of energy generation, therefore the choice of light transmission is important. It is necessary to have an ultra-white steel treatment and a high light transmittance (typically greater than 91%). (2) EVA: It is used to fix and bond tempered glass and the main body of power generating (battery panel). The service life of the module is directly impacted by the transparency of the EVA material. EVA that is exposed to the air is prone to deterioration and aging, which impairs the module's ability to transmit light and generate power. In addition to the EVA's inherent quality, the lamination process used by the module manufacturer also has a significant impact. For example, if EVA adheres improperly and has insufficient bonding strength with the back plate and tempered glass, this will shorten the components' service lives and cause premature aging of EVA. (3) Cell: The main job of the cell is to generate electricity. The two main power generation methods, thin film solar cells and crystalline silicon sun cells, each have advantages and disadvantages. Despite having relatively low equipment costs, crystalline silicon solar cells have high consumption and cell prices as well as high photoelectric conversion efficiencies. When outdoors and exposed to sunshine, it can generate energy. Low battery and consumption costs, but relatively high equipment costs, are the drawbacks of thin film solar cells. Despite the excellent weak light effect, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is less than half that of crystalline silicon cells. In addition, similar to the solar cells in calculators, they can generate electricity when exposed to ordinary light. (4) The backboard is functional, insulating, waterproof, and sealing. In general, TPT, TPE, and other materials need to be age-resistant. For the majority of component manufacturers, the warranty period is 25 years. Often acceptable options are tempered glass and aluminum alloy. If silicone and the backplane can meet the requirements is the key question. (5)Number five is aluminum alloy, which serves as a sealant and structural support for laminated sections. (6) Junction box: safeguards the entire power-generating system and functions as a current transfer station. If the module short circuit junction box immediately disconnects the short circuit battery string to prevent burning out of the entire system junction box, the choice of diodes is the most important element. The corresponding diodes differ depending on the battery type in the module. (7) Silicone has a sealing property and is used to seal joints between modules and junction boxes as well as joints between modules and frames made of aluminum alloy. Businesses sometimes use foam or double-sided adhesive strips for silica gel. Due to its simplicity, portability, ease of use, and low cost, silica gel is widely used in China.Product size: 1724mm × 1134mm × 35mm Product weight: 20.9kg ± 3% Power: 390~455W (power corresponding to model) Conversion rate: 21% Peak working voltage/current: 30V/12A With MC4 connectorWorking temperature: - 40~85 ℃ Storage temperature: Main material: 3.2 high permeability coated tempered glass+EVA film+white back plate Color: black panel+silver border1 - Systems for generating and supplying solar power [4] (1) In military and civilian life in remote places without electricity, such as a plateau, island, pastoral area, border patrol station, etc., a small power supply of 10 to 100 watts is used for lighting, television, radio recorders, etc.; (2) A 3-5 KW grid-connected family roof power generation system; (3) Photovoltaic water pumps are used in places without electricity for irrigation and drinking in deep wells. 2、Beacon lights, traffic/railway signal lights, traffic warning/sign lights, street lights, high-altitude obstacle lights, highway/railway radio telephone booths, unattended power supplies, etc. are a few examples of the types of lighting used in the transportation sector. 3、 small communicators, military GPS power supplies, unattended microwave relay stations, optical cable repair stations, radio/communication/paging power supply systems, rural carrier telephone photovoltaic systems, etc.5. Strict quality testing adheres to the standard for quality testing around the world. ISO 9001 and CE certification. 6. The silicon chip used in solar panels in the US has a 22% solar conversion rate. Even without a grid line, the electricity generation is steady and reliable. 7. Resistance to rust and PET EVA acts as a bonding agent to provide the sealing effect and provides the battery panel with the necessary protection. 8. The current can be 40–50% higher and the production of stable performance power is 17% higher than that of a normal single crystal, producing a helpful charging effect.

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